How to view someone’s success properly

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    Lisa DanaLisa Dana

    Whenever we read someone’s success story, we always admire what they have accomplished. We always look at how good there life now. We always focus on what they have now and how they spend their life at the present moment.

    This wrong way of viewing someone’s success leads to jealousness and impulsive ways of doing things. We always compare someone’s success to other people’s accomplishment, and the worst is, we compare it ourselves.

    Success of others should not only be appreciated on what’s the output. Instead, it should be viewed on the process it has undergone and the the years it takes.

    Success undergoes a process

    The hidden part of someone’s story is the process. We failed to see the smaller part of a bigger picture. We failed to see the problems, sacrifices and heartache that success brings along the way.

    What you encounter now in making your dreams come true may not be the same to what the others are experiencing now. So be strong and hold still.  Let’s all appreciate the process in someone’s journey.

    Success takes a couple of years

    When we think of success, we feel like it happens like snap. WELL, NO! You cannot say the success can be achieved in 1-3 or 5 years. It’s not like that. Real success happens in more than 10 years. Success comes with stability.  It may be a business, career or a certain project. It needs time. It will only be appreciated and will turn into a stable reality after a couple of years.

    So if you think that you can be successful in 1 to 3 years, then it depends now on how you define success.

    I hope that we all get successful in making our dreams come true. You can share your journey in the comment section below. I hope to hear some of your success stories.  Thank you for reading.

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    Maria CaraMaria Cara

    Don’t be jealous of someone’s success. Let’s celebrate the happiness of others. That’s the best thing to do.

    Lisa DanaLisa Dana

    Got it! There’s no such thing as success in a snap!

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