I love Mathematics so much

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    Jenny SantosJenny Santos

    Mathematics is a subject that can either make you crazy or genius. Most of the students hate Math! But for me? I really love it so much.

    It makes me feel alive everyday. Aside from the help it gives in doing some basic computations in our daily lives, I love how some complex problems involve the use of it. I am so motivated to solve problems with numbers. You may not see it but Math is really the foundation of most of the inventions  we have today. We have planes, cars, telescope, phones, television, and many more. All of these use Math.

    We can build something from just numbers and computation. All the websites application you use now involve the use of Math. We can make this world a better place if we all appreciate how can we create something by merely doing some computation or complex algorithm.

    I am happy to say that I belong to those people who spend 10 hours in doing some hard yet challenging Math Problems.

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