If you failed the board exam, read this.

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    Randay LeteraRanday Letera

    Failing the board exam is not the end of the road. Have you heard of stories of failing twice or thrice before getting that license? If you’re one of those who failed the board exam, cheer up! It’s okay to be sad in the first few days or month. But don’t forget the sweet revenge of passing in your next take!

    If you failed the board exam, read this. What is your next step?

    1. Understand which parts of the exam are difficult. By doing this, you can create a game plan on which topics you will focus on. You need to know which ones are easier for you, and which you think you should study longer.

    2. Create mini exams that are the same with the questions you read in the major exam. Reviewers will not give you the same questions. In fact, it will only provide you the right techniques on how to answer exams. The best you can do is to adjust your reviewers and create questions that are similar with what you experienced.

    3. Study with peers. Studying it the first time is hard. Doing it for the second time might be more difficulty. In order for you to keep interested, you need to find the right people you will study with. Encourage one another. Share reviewers. Have fun together!

    4. Claim it! Of course, don’t forget to claim it. You will get that score!

    Cheer up. You’re not the only one who failed the exam. Let’s do better next time!

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