Impulsive mind destroys one’s life

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    Emely SandovalEmely Sandoval

    Whenever you decide in doing something. You should always be responsible on its outcome. My advice is to never let others join you in your crazy decisions. Don’t let them experience the possible bad result of your action. You’ll get hurt. You will carry it until the end. Don’t destroy the better future that they suppose to have. It hurt’s to think that you destroyed one’s life.

    The reality of life will eventually wake up you in the middle of your day dreaming. You can never be a savior to another person if you pull them down from the uncertainties that you have created. You can never be helpful unless you bring immediate result. Never ever do the following to your partner, family, relatives or even to your friends.

    1. Making false promises

    These people trusted you so much. Don’t get overwhelmed with your ideals.  You are not just making decisions for yourself. Consider them as well.

    2. Deciding based from your emotion

    Most of the mistake that we do are the cause of our emotion. Never ever make a decision by relying on your emotion. This decision that you do will cause harm to the people involve

    3. Promoting unreal future

    Things are hard to get. There is no easy road. The future is not clear and no one can really predict what will happen.  This is the same whenever you promote fake future. Don’t let this be a poison that will destroy your relationship to your love ones.

    Let’s help others by not pulling them down from the impulsive decisions we make in our life. Don’t get them involve as much as possible. Save them. Give them the life that they are suppose to experience.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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