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    Having your freedom taken away from you is the absolute worst thing to experience and that’s how I felt when coronavirus started. This is Melanie and here‘s how my life went after Covid.

    The Start

    It was around March when President Duterte announced that the Philippines will be under  quarantine and the daily life of everyone would be temporarily stopped in order to lessen the spread of the said virus. Everything went quickly and citizens were confused as to what should be done. It was also announced during my work immersion.

    I thought it wouldn’t last long so I paid no attention to it. I can even remember that I was so really happy to have a long break from school. After all year 2020, held a lot of special events in my life so I badly need time to prepare for it all but I guess my luck wasn’t good. Since all of it never came!

    Cancelled Events

    Who would expect it would last a year by staying at home. Besides, I was preparing for my graduation picture since I wanted to be gorgeous when that time would come. However, it was cancelled. I knew I wished for a long break but I didn’t mean it to be a year.

    My debut party was also postponed.

    Academic Break

    Since we are currently facing coronavirus even the face to face class was cancelled. It left us no choice but to do online class. I decided not to continue with my classes as well. I don’t believe in studying for 3 hours.

    My life after Covid isn’t that eventful since most of them were spent at home doing nothing. But, I am actively looking for a job as I also wanted to help my family with our expenses in the house.

    Besides, most of the jobs were work from home and it’s a good thing for me since I don’t need to go outside. I was also able to help the country and other people by doing what a good citizen should be. It’s like hitting two birds at one stone, both give me advantages.

    This phenomenon will pass one day and we’re going back to what we used. Let this be a lesson to everyone that we should treasure every moment in our life.

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