Making your Speech Introduction Interesting

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    Anna Alvarez

    Speech presentations are INEVITABLE. Any kind of subject, be it English, Science, History, or Social Science, requires speech presentations as a performance task. (Hello, Grades 11 and 12!) Since we have the same audience (yes, our classmates) and experienced teachers watching us, the problem or issue is how we can make an interesting introduction.

    Now, this is tricky. The purpose is to get their attention. How do we do it? Do we do it directly by stating the purpose? Let me share some ways I’ve heard from my teachers and classmates over the years on how I can make it interesting.

    1. Be humorous. Filipino jokes are everywhere! Cracking a joke in the beginning of the speech has some magic of pulling off attention from our audience. For one, they think you are a funny person with interesting topics to share. It doesn’t need to be the most intellectual joke but a humorous story that leads to the main story is a bomb! Below is the link of Jim Carey (the great Jim Carey) for some presentation tips.

    Check this:

    2. Be a storyteller. This is classic. Personally, I love this so much. I remember someone delivering a speech regarding a boy who struggled in life. After reaching the climax, he revealed that the boy was actually him, the speaker. You see, if you have the ability to tell a story, it’s going to catch the interest of many. Last month, there was a viral video on facebook about a speech that started with Netflix browsing. He got the attention of many since the story is something we could related.

    Check this:

    3. Be a surprise act. Do what is unexpected! Sing, dance, state a bad news, show statistics, or anything that will make things a bit controversial. I have to be honest though. I find it hard to do it since I usually prefer the usual. But if you’re the type of person who likes searching for information, do it. Now! Try looking for videos on ted talk and you’ll see endless ways to present.

    Check this:

    So guys, let’s stop starting our speech with “Good day. This is Anna. I’d like to talk about…” (Boring. I tell you. It’s boring.)

    Why not start with…

    jokes, stories, events, and others?

    What can you say about it? If you have other techniques, please share it as well.

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