My daily struggles of online learning

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    by Melanie Alberto

    Technical Issues

    Many online students struggle when it comes to internet connection. While some of them may have access, some of us still have slow connection. This results in lagging and disrupted video streaming. It leads to frustration especially when the gadget is has low quality.

    Lack of Motivation

    Self-motivation is one of the most essential traits every online student must have. Yet, since the beginning of online classes started, plenty of them have lost the will to strive due to negative experiences. They were discouraged by unfavorable conditions, forced to comply and thought of giving up. Moreover, many of the online students were trapped in a situation wherein they can’t help but be left behind. Honestly, most of them just put up with online classes just to pass and avoid spending another year for school.


    I have this friend of mine who specifically told me that most of the professors tend to extend their schedule or time of class. Some of them didn’t even bother to follow the schedule proceeding to long hours opposite to what it should be.  Reducing the time of their relaxation and doing paper works, projects etc.


    This is one of the most common struggles every online student experiences. Sleeping habit is affected, there’s no one to talk to except virtual classmates, and other factors.

    Furthermore, according to Jennifer Katzenstein, director of psychology and neuropsychology at the Hopkins Children Hospital, increased screen time usage can be linked to the rapid increases in depression, anxiety and perceived attention problems. Doctors are concerned that online classes can cause more cases of stress, anxiety and depression due to heavy pressure as well as expectation that lies on online students.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)