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    Anna Alvarez

    I’m so grateful for everything I have done this year so far! Yes. I managed to lose weight, write a portion of my pending research papers, transitioned to a full-time home-based worker, and bought the appliances for my parents.

    But I must admit, there are moments I feel empty. Moments I feel that what I have done was not enough. Sure, I have enough money. Bad debt has been erased. Job is fulfilling and satisfying. However, there will be days stating I did not do my job.

    Last night, I was having a conversation over coffee (ofcourse, no better way to do it but with a cup of coffee) at our beloved JCO. We discussed ideas and people until we realized the common denominator for all the successful people we admire – significance out of helping others.

    There are people who are extremely wealthy (I swear they don’t pay taxes right) but their happiness is always questionable. Those who are TRULY happy are people in the position who can help people in need.

    Right now, my funds are not overflowing to feed children across the globe. My funds are insufficient to create revolutionary projects for the environment.


    One good deed a day can help.

    1. Give free food to homeless.

    2. Wash dishes or do household chores at home.

    3. Donate at least 20 bucks to charity.

    4, Provide encouragement to people in need.


    These, my friends, can mark my significance. The effect may not be so much, but at least it can touch at least one life.

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