Practical Research: The most difficult subject in SHS

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    by Melanie Alberto

    Senior High School’s most difficult subject is research. Yes! You read it right. The most difficult subject you will encounter in Senior High School would not be Math. You may think how research would be more difficult than Math when research is all about finding sources of your certain topic. That’s what I also thought back then until I have personally experienced the difficulty of it. To tell you honestly, I just want to return the time and smack myself hard for how foolish I was for thinking that research was a simple task. Gosh! Just remembering all the hardship I went through of it would already make me doubt how I was able to overcome it.

    To give you some background, all strands are required to do research. For example, if you are an Arts and Design student the research you would conduct must have something to do with what you have learned as an A&D. That also applies to the rest of the strand such as HUMSS, TVL, STEM and ABM.

    Research subjects would be mostly included in the second semester of your Grade 12 level. As to why it is the most difficult subject in SHS, it’s because of revisions. Additionally, it is a group task. So if your groupmates are not cooperating, it would be a problem!

    It takes a lot of time and mind as it’s very exhausting. Personally, when I had research my group experience having almost half of our work be revised. It is really unfortunate but compared to other groups who were rejected and advised to change the whole research they have spent lots of time is much more devastating than us.

    Furthermore, there is also a defense where you need to present your output in front of the teachers who serve as judges whether your findings are valid or not. You will also be evaluated as a group that is why it is important that the group you have is a good one. I have also witnessed lots of fights due to research since after all, it also relies on whether you will graduate or not.

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