Prepare for the Worst

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    Anna Alvarez

    Things have been changing real quick this 2020. We all started with high hopes of what could have been this year but one pandemic phenomenon would change them all. For the past years, we have heard of several financial and life coaches asking us to be vigilant. They have asked us to save money good for 3 months, or buy survival kits in case the worst happens. Some listened; some didn’t.

    This lesson though is very applicable to what I have believed in. For years, I’ve never been complacent of every situation. Most accused me of paranoia but my senses told me otherwise. I’m leaning towards the best things but I always feel like the worst is just around the corner. This period, my mantra has been proven true once again.

    I can’t help but think of all the people affected by this situation. Is the preparation enough? Are the most affected ones getting the help they need? Will we all survive this?

    After this memorable event, may we all remember of the worst things. May we learn to YOLO while not forgetting that worst can hit us anytime.


    I agree with what you said. No one prepared for this and most only relied to what they have now. If we could only learn to be a step ahead all the time, risks can definitely be lessened.

    Just like you, I also wonder what new normal would be. Will we be able to learn our lesson? Or, will it be the same scenario for all Filipinos. We tend to forget what happened in the past.


    The only one who learned her lesson was the great Miriam Defensor Santiago. She tried to pass a law about a possible pandemic in the future. Too bad people had low engagement to politics before. Or, even if the engagement was high, most of them would not view it as important. They only care for the trend that would win the people’s heart.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)