Private School Teachers Need Help

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    Marie CruzMarie Cruz

    So, we all know na yung opening of classes has been moved to October. Although marami siyang advantages, I can’t help but feel sad to all private school teachers na medyo namomroblema about this.

    I just saw sa FB three of my friends who claimed the following:

    Friend 1: 3 months na daw silang walang salary

    Friend 2: Nagprepare na daw sila ng video lectures pero ayun, medyo ma didelay ulit yung compensation.

    Friend 3: They were instructed na mag abang muna sa announcement.

    Group of private school teachers needs assistance as well.

    I know they’re skilled. Madiskarte. Have MANY ways to survive.

    I hope they’re given opportunities too. ?

    Well, if may alam kayong opportunities, feel free to comment.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)