Put all your energy and your attention to the things that you have control.

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    Lance Versolo

    In today’s modern world,  there are plenty of ideas out there. When you open your social media accounts you can read various post from your friends. There are also some news articles and blog posts that are against your beliefs.

    True enough, ideas are everywhere and you cannot control and ask others to have the same ideas like yours.  Because of these, most of the people find it stressful to read their social media news feed or even watch news or commentary programs.

    What I have learned is this,  we should master on how to focus to only to the things that we have control. If everyone of us can apply this every now and then, life would be less toxic and simple. As for example,  let me compare raining to a simple social issue. When it rains, you don’t shout or even blame anyone about it. You cannot control the weather. You just do what is needed (e.g. fixing the roof, closing the window, preparing your umbrella or raincoat) You just act and do something. How about if let’s say there is a social issue? What do we do? Do we act properly? Instead of blaming or listening to the rant of others, why not do something first. Ignore them and just execute and act under your control.  Another example, when we are stress about our finances or diet, we just do something. We go to gym, jog in the morning, budget our money, or work on some profitable side lines. We act under our control and we don’t blame someone.

    If we only focus to the things that we have control and make actions out of it. Life would be very great.

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