Remove Minor Subjects in College, Shorter Years in University

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    Mary CiaraMary Ciara

    After graduating from SHS, we’re still required to obtain a college degree for 4 years. While I’m 100% in favor of getting a college degree, but I guess shortening the years I spend in university is a great idea!!! What do you think about it?

    Recently, the talks of removing minor subjects were brought by media. Now that face-to-face classes are back, another question must be answered. Is it worthy to attend college and complete minor subjects?

    While I acknowledge the idea of removing the minor subjects, I can’t deny that these subjects are beneficial as well.

    Benefits of Minor Subjects

    1. Minor subjects are not just “minor”. These are soft skills essential in making your career excellent. For instance, you can’t just be technically good without the skill of expressing it in reports.

    2. Completing more activities simply means more chances of training young minds.

    3. Not everyone learns from SHS. Although SHS is focused on skills, some people argue that the subjects offered by SHS are the same with minor. While they have similarities, both are presented in different context.

    What if these minor subjects are not required in college? What would happen?

    Possibilities of Removing Minor Subjects

    1. Shorter years in college means an earlier time for students to start their professional career.

    2. Options for training courses will be an alternative way of improving uni’s experience. Instead of requiring students to finish subjects they don’t like, students may opt to take training or seminars that they feel they need or interested in.

    3. Of course, expenses in college tuition fees will be lessened too. Let’s admit that not everyone has the ability to pay for tuition fee in years. If this lessens the number of college drop outs, it will be great to consider it as well.

    What about you? Any thoughts in removing minor subjects in college?

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