Short Term learning Vs Long Term Learning

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    Jennifer RodriguezJennifer Rodriguez

    I am really fascinated on how humans learn. We are all created with the ability to learn fast. We are all capable of understanding one’s concept. However, each of us differs on how we put learning into our memory. It is either we put it in our short term memory or long term memory.

    What is short term memory and how is it connected to learning?

    Short terms memory is a part of our memory that holds temporary ideas or concept. This are the things that we tend to forget easily.  Whenever we learn something new and don’t put value into it. Then, we just store it in our short term memory. We can then call this as short term learning.  Common examples for this are the notes that we just memorize to pass one’s subject and the ideas that we learn for today because its just needed at the present moment.

    What is long term memory and is it good for learning?

    Long term memory is a part of memory that holds long lasting ideas and learning. These are the concepts that we put into practice and has significant factor in our life. Common examples of these are the skills that we learned before. We also have the concepts that really change our lives such as financial decisions and health practices.

    Can you imagine, if we put our learning in our long term memory, that will really changed everything and how we improve our lives.


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