Signs that you’re not sleeping well

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    Jayna TorreJayna Torre

    As a college student or young professional, it’s too easy to skip hours in bed. Aside from the projects or tasks, there are too many distraction such as social media apps, Netflix, games, and chatting with your potential partners.

    Those make us feel alive but doing them on a regular basis is such as a painful experience. What are some of the signs I experience when I’m not sleeping well?

    1. Low Energy

    Obviously, one will have low energy for not charging that body enough. Instead of running in the morning, we opt to sleep all day, which results in missing important daily activities. Our eyes are droopy, and some part of our muscles ache.

    2. Anxiety

    Yup! I’m pretty sure it’s not a unique experience. When one lacks enough sleep, our emotions are unstable. We overthink that causes anxiety. Instead of staying focused and alert, we tend to direct our energy on things that don’t matter.

    3. Hungry

    What? It’s true! When one is sleepy, he or she becomes hungry as well. Your body wants to make up with every energy lost so we see ourselves eating heavy meals.

    4. Weight Gain or Poor Metabolism

    I hate to say this but lack of sleep is a culprit for weight gain. Metabolism is disturbed and it becomes slow.

    5. Poor Skin

    No matter how much serum oil or moisturizer you use, if you don’t sleep, you will have poor skin. Expect to see pimples and dry skin when you look yourself on the mirror. In fact, it gives the same effect when you’re dehydrated.

    PLEASE. Sleeping is too precious!

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