Suggestions: Careers for HUMSS Students by Melanie A

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    Are you an incoming HUMSS student? Got it! What I experienced is what you will go through as well.

    So as a good senior, I will tell you the things that you might want to know regarding this strand.

    Overview of HUMSS

    Humanities and Social Sciences or mostly known as HUMSS is a strand dominated by paperwork and public speaking. HUMSS strand is made for students who have passion in writing, speech presentations, and issues related to society. However, students who wanted to boost their confidence and self-esteem are also welcome.

    Careers for HUMSS

    HUMSS Strand offers diverse career but is still inclined on what specialization they have. Below are the samples of jobs that await you.

    1. Teachers. If this is your childhood dream, you must take HUMSS. Aside from improving analysis and understanding of behavior, you will enjoy presenting among your audience.

    2. Flight Attendant. This is one of the most popular careers for HUMSS among students. Even I wanted to become one but yeah, height requirement is not part of my reality.

    3. Journalist. Even though I am not lucky in terms of height, at least I have a passion in writing. Btw, I am currently enhancing my writing skills. Thanks to the opportunity given to me by Clopified. I will strive harder and be a good journalist someday!

    4. Psychologist. I also dream of becoming one but sadly, my parents don’t think the same way. But, I know this profession is important as much as the others.

    5. Soldier/Police. I have two of my friends who are currently pursuing this career for HUMSS. One of them is a strong lady who is not afraid to take this path. She is not afraid to fight and I admire her bravery. We even joke that someday, I will be the one to interview her and she should give me a free one.

    The top 5 career for HUMSS above are the common courses among my classmates and friends. However, you have other options such as social work, diplomat, ambassador, lawyer etc.

    I hope everyone can choose the career related to their passion.. After all, it’s the greatest asset to achieve success.

    Good luck!

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