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    by Melanie Alberto

    Soft Focus

    This is another trick I like that you can see on my Instagram account. As a novice photographer, this trick helps me in numerous times. It is good for any subject that focuses on the subject instead of the background and other elements.

    Most phones nowadays have already included this as another feature for cameras. So even if you don’t have a camera and such, you can still make it possible with just your phone as your means. Furthermore, it makes my picture look as if it’s taken by a professional. I have done this a lot of times plus I always get feedback and comments that my picture is so good. What they didn’t know was that it’s all taken from a phone and just a little bit of angles.

    Props Angle

    I don’t know what it’s really called by professionals but I call this trick as Prop Angle. The only thing you will need is a phone, your subject and props to use. The props can be anything such as stone, leaves etc.

    This is one of my favorites tricks ever! I always use this whenever I want to post for my Instagram account. By the way, check out @imahenie for more picture references.


    Panorama is a good trick to do when you’re traveling and want to capture the surroundings especially the travel spots such as churches, museums and others. Panorama is easyas it is already a feature included in every phone. You just need to hold the button and go upward, sideways or downwards. I have also seen lots of ways to do tricks on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and basically all kinds of social media platforms.

    I especially use this trick when I want my followers to see the full image of a certain place. However, if you’re going to post it on Instagram it will be stretched and sometimes needed to be cut since there is a requirement for size to follow. All in all, it’s a good way to make your photos level up and be instagrammable. Besides, what we really needed was a little bit of creativity and a good angle!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)