Trust in him, and he will act

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    Honey Le DigsteroHoney Le Digstero

    “Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act.” PSALM 37:5

    We are all afraid to fail. There was once in our life that we dream of achieving something but GOD is always measuring our faith to HIM.

    We make decisions, we encounter failure. We are all victims of our own false desire and unrealistic ideas. We need to know what God really wants us to do.

    We need to trust him with all our hearts. If God doesn’t want you to get successful now. You need to accept it. Things will be given to you at the moment that God sees that you are ready. Just trust him and act according to his will.

    You may feel that you are a loser now but tomorrow will be a different story. You may appreciate the bad situation today if a big change or successful event will happen in the future. Remember that God knows what he is doing. Never go in the wrong way. Allow him to guide you. Let failure strengthen you now so that in the future you can handle big problems that will even make you stronger.

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