Truth: Your college course will not determine your first job!

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    Anna Alvarez

    Hey! What course did you take for college? Are you satisfied or do you have any hesitations?

    For those wondering, I suggest don’t worry too much on what’s going to happen! 😊

    I mean, most of us parang iniisip na end na ng career just because hindi sigurado sa course.

    In reality, your course will not determine the first job you’ll have! That’s the truth.

    Pwede kang grumaduate as a teacher pero mag end up sa pagiging bank officer.

    Pwede ka rin grumad as IT pero end up as financial advisor or marketing associate.

    Wag ka na mag worry. Mas importante is matuto ka maging confident, learn essential skills, meet new people and enjoy the present.

    Appreciate the learning process! ❤️

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)