Voluntary use of face masks in the Philippines: Are you ready?

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    Are you ready to go out and see people without wearing a face mask? OMG! That would be exciting. After several years of going out without a face mask, it’s refreshing to know that we’re not going to wear one in the future.

    I can’t wait to see smiles on every person you see. But, is it really safe?

    Obviously, we need to be prepared when this happens. It has a major effect in terms of the following:

    1. COVID cases: On September 11, it was reported that the positivity rate has increased from 12% to 13%. Now that almost every business has opened, it’s obvious that people’s mobility has improved.

    2. Hospital’s Capacity: What’s scary is that hospitals might not be prepared in case infections arise.

    3. Economic Lockdown: The worst effect is another lockdown. I personally think that the economy can’t afford to undergo another lockdown. High number of cases requires another lockdown or isolation to prevent the spread of virus.

    HOWEVER, if we succeed in removing face masks, we will return to 2019 era!! The last days of being normal. Haha

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