Ways to grow with your partner

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    Marie CruzMarie Cruz

    Having a partner is not supposed to be for romantic stuff alone. More often than not, those who survive longer are those with strong foundation.

    How? By growing together, doing things together, learning and maintaining balance…

    After all, you don’t want to talk about the same things again after 1 year? Okay, let me share some things you can do to grow together.

    1. Fitness Buddy: Go jogging, eat healthy & watch each other’s target weight! We are motivated when we know someone else is monitoring our actions!

    2. Financial Tracker: They say it’s easy to splurge or spend when no one calls you out for your behavior. Whenever I’m not fully decided on what I should spend, I always advise or consult my boyfriend about it.

    3. Movie Reactions: I remember some stories of my friends in LDR. They download the same movie, and watch it together. Yep, though they are not in the same place, you still have the same movie! After watching, you can discuss your stories.

    4. Starting Passion Projects: Aaahhh. My favorite. Successful projects are most likely to happen when you have the right support. It’s new. It requires a routine. It starts with a good system. You need your partner to help you out.

    These are not requirements but beneficial. It’s our responsibility to make other people better in various aspects.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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