We need to know how to overcome life challenges

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    Paul GrayPaul Gray

    There are a lot of challenges/problems in life. It is so many that sometimes we want to shut down our life. Yes, I did think of this. I was thinking to stop doing everything and live somewhere far to start again. Then, suddenly, I realized I was wrong. I was having a bad thought. It was not helpful. We really need to know how to overcome life challenges. How?? This is what we need to put in our mind.

    I call this also “Mindset to deceive life problems”

    Problem is given already. You cannot go away with problem. You define problem. What ever it is. However,most of the time a certain problem affects one aspect of your life only. As for example, financial problem. If you are someone who has this problem dont worry. Everyone suffers from this. If you let financial problem kills you. Then you cannot forward in life. What?? What do I mean? While life is giving you a financial problem, you can deceive it. While finding for a solution to it. Why not improve other aspect of your life. Let’s say, improve your physical health, or learn new things to improve your mentality. Also, you can strengthen your social relationship to others. You can improve a lot of things while suffering from one problem. Going back, don’t let financial problem destroy you. If you let one problem to destroy other aspects of your life then it will really bring you down.

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