What happens when we don’t respect our authorities?

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    Rowena AndradaRowena Andrada

    Social media has not only enhanced the level of communication of people around the globe. More than the easy access, it allowed people from higher ranks to be reached as easy as talking to a friend. Gone are the days that we’re afraid of sending a message to a government official since we didn’t know how to create email or where to send them. We can simply open Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to click the “send message” button. Voila, your message can be sent in a few minutes. Having them respond though is a different story.

    If this is the scenario among politicians, how much more in a lower rank that involves authorities? Specifically, the student and teacher relationship. Students do not shiver anymore upon hearing the footsteps of teachers. They don’t mind being heard although the way they do it is totally disrespectful. In other words, they refuse to accept the POSITION in this race.

    What happens when we don’t respect our authorities?

    1. We view them as someone who hasn’t experienced more than us.

    2. We think that accepting our opinions is a privilege.

    3. We impose respect from them since we can easily reach them anyway.

    4. We develop an evil pride that we can do whatever we can. If we want to remove these authorities from their hard-earned position, we can do it since we’re part of the majority.

    5. We start to shun humility, room for learning, gratitude, resilience, and willingness.

    6. We abuse freedom by not recognizing the authorities above us.

    This is the harsh reality nowadays. I sometimes wonder how we can disrespect people from higher authorities – government official, teachers, elders, and others. Is there a way we can still restore it?

    I guess there’s none –for now. Unless someone tries to impose actions to discipline this unacceptable deed.


    PS. When you attempt to do so, just be careful for videos and photos not to be viral and receive unfair judgments from the netizens.





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