What to Expect in HUMSS Strand by Melanie A

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    Want to be a journalist or a teacher? Or, maybe you’re dreaming of becoming a flight attendant.

    When I was a child, I wanted to become a flight attentant. However, I am not that tall. We all know that flight attendant has their own height requirement. So then, I changed it to journalist and how ironic is that both of them belong to HUMSS Strand.

    Humanities and Social Sciences or mostly known as HUMSS is a strand that revolves around humanitarian and societal job such as teachers, diplomat, journalist, writer, soldier, flight attendant etc.

    In HUMSS Strand you must expect lots of paper works, writing articles, public speech and memorization. Furthermore, HUMSS is not easy as what stereotype meant to said. We also have a Math subject if you’re asking for.

    Remarkably, most people who don’t like Math subject tends to shift to strand that doesn’t have it. Tocclarify these stereotype things, all strands such as HUMSS, ARTS & DESIGN AND TVL have Math.

    HUMSS strand has two (2) specialization which is article writing and English subject. Writing articles involves documentation, project plan, thesis etc. On the other hand, English subject is in grammar, construction, past present and future tense etc.

    There are plenty of things to expect in HUMSS. What I informed above are the things I have experienced as a HUMSS student at PWU JASMS. So if you think you can take the challenge, then I openly welcome you in HUMSS Strand

    Enjoy and have fun making memories at HUMSS Strand. Fighting!

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