Where is the best place to exercise? UP Campus vs. Quezon Memorial Circle

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    Kent LagrosoKent Lagroso

    If you are living in quezon city, there two common places that you want to do jogging. This is in UP-Diliman Campus or in Quezon City Memmorial Circle. Both are free for public use. You can do your exercise their in the morning or in the afternoon.

    However, one may say that it is better in UP-diliman than Circle. Let’s compare these two in terms of accessiblity, ambiance, and size.

    1. Accessibility

    Both of these places have accessible jeepney routes. Though, Quezon Memorial Circle has many entry points if you are coming from different locations. The other one, UP-diliman, is most accessible if you have a car, motorcycles or bicycle. Due to pandemic, it is really changing to visit this place unlike QMC.

    Winner: Quezon Memorial Circle

    2. Ambiance

    Both places are relaxing. Both have trees and places where you can have your private time with your family.  Ambiance may defer from person to person. If you like a mix view of city and garden/nature feels, then go to QMC.  Otherwise, if you want to see/feel a natural look of nature far from the noise of the city, then you may like visiting UP-Diliman Campus.

    Winner: Both

    3. Size

    Quezon Memorial circle is 27 hectares in size with about 2KM running track/loop. When it comes to UP- diliman, it has a total land area of 493 hectares with many places to do your exercise.

    Winner: UP- Diliman Campus

    Where do you think is the best place to jog? Let me hear your thoughts and experiences. Thank you for reading.

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