Where to hangout if classes are back at PWU Manila

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    by Melanie Alberto

    Robinson Mall

    I know you are all wondering why I included Robinson Mall in the list. However, it is known for its variety of stores from local to luxury brands. Restaurant, clothing, daily necessities, entertainment name it all. Everything you need, Robinson Mall has it. Furthermore, they are popular spots for tourists.

    The mall consists of four floors for you to roam around and have fun. It is really convenient for everyone who doesn’t want to change places from places. Additionally, this spot is near PWU Manila wherein it is only a walking distance and doesn’t need any transportation.

    Rizal Park

    If you’re ever planning to visit Manila, Rizal Park must be on your top list. It is a famous tourist spot. It is also known for its other name called Luneta Park. The park was named after Dr. Jose Rizal who was executed during the Spanish colonization at the exact place where the park lies. It is built to pay tribute to the honorable deed of Dr. Rizal that’s why you can see monuments and status in the said park.

    Luneta Park is considered as one of the most historical places in the Philippines. Not only that, it is also famous for its clean and good ambiance which is a good place to do picnics. Additionally, it also offers different attractions such as art museum and dancing fountain that is held during night. I highly recommend it to everyone to visit! It only takes one jeep for you to enjoy another good spot near PWU Manila.


    Manila is really known for its historical places. I highly recommend Intramuros to be visited at night as the place will be covered in lights. This gives you the old-vibes. You will also have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge regarding the history of the Philippines while enjoying the historical buildings to your heart’s content. Besides, you can also experience riding kalesa that are available within the vicinity.

    However, some of the attractions in the Intramuros are most likely closed after 6 pm which you should take note.  As for the transportation, it is only one jeep away from PWU Manila. Aside from that, everything is good.

    Manila Bay

    Manila Bay is also one of the most visited places in Manila since it is popular for all ages. You can just have a walk along the sides, bike around the places or just sit near the ocean while enjoying the view of sunset. Manila bay is famous for its breath-taking sunset. Personally, I have visited it for almost three times. The place is simple but beautiful. However, the restaurants around it are too costly.

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