Why you still need a college degree despite digital workforce

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    Lisa DanaLisa Dana

    You’re randomly scrolling your Reels or TikTok until you stumble that video asking strangers “Do you still need a college degree to be successful?”

    Everybody keeps on insisting that a college degree is not needed until one guy emphasized, “you still need it!” While it’s true that college degree is not a requirement all the time, chances are not everyone will have the same destiny as the tech giants or billionaires you know online.

    They’re exceptional college dropouts but we must consider the other dropouts who think that college degree is essential.

    Instead of treating it as a “back up plan in life”, there are many other reasons why you need a college degree.

    1. Don’t miss the chance of building your identity in college. It’s not just about completing degrees, but it’s also about experiencing new things in life. You’ll get to meet unique personalities, unpredictable tasks and even unexpected results from what you’re doing.

    2. College is the best training ground for your career. Your experiences will help you understand what’s happening in reality. Can you imagine entering a company, applying for an online job, or starting a business career without even experiencing simple tasks in college?

    3. Connections start in college. As they claim it, connections will bring you somewhere you don’t expect to be in. The best place to start building connections is in college. You will not be friends with them forever but at least they’ll bring something to the table.

    Besides, if you can’t figure out yet what you want to do for the rest of your life, your college might be of help. Whether deciding on a long-term career, or teaching you what you wish not to do next time.

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