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    Anna Alvarez

    I’m used to working alone. In fact, I’m used to doing this because the results are positive. Most of the time, it gives me comfort since I don’t need to deal with too many people. I do not need to follow rules. I do not need to consider others’ emotions. I don’t need to adjust and please others.

    But, the best things that happened to me were due to other people. I can’t do things alone. I’m not perfect and my weaknesses are complemented by my team’s strengths. I am able to discover the best of me by listening to other people and experiencing great things with them.

    I couldn’t imagine my life without my trusted friends and partners. 

    Donnie MauricioDonnie Mauricio

    Teamwork can make your process and activities much quicker than doing them individually. For instance, if you’re writing your thesis, you can’t just do it alone. You have to distribute the tasks so everyone would move.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)