Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

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Hello everyone! Are you looking for Charlotte's Web by E.B. White?  Are you an avid fan of reading children's book? Here it is! I am sharing my collection to you.

Charlotte's Web is written by E.B. White. It is a famous classical children's story book.  It is full of amazing lesson that one will really appreciate. This is worth sharing with your friends and relatives.

Let me give you a short summary of the story.

“Charlotte’s Web” is a children’s story about a little girl named Fern. Her pig Wilbur, his friend was very scared for his life because he had heard stories about pig slaughtering before Christmas. He was scared of the thought of it. Charlotte promised him she would come up with a plan to save him and she was sure that, if she thinks it through, she will come up with a solution.

Charlotte was wise, and she made excellent webs but she needed Templeton’s help to fulfill her plan, and she was aware that he always looked for something in return.

They all worked together to Wilbur and eventually succeed. Templeton was always looking for a profit in every situation but did everything as per Charlotte’s orders

This story speaks about an unbreakable bond which will live forever and hold a special place in Wilbur’s heart.

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