Civil Service Practice Test | 35 Questions

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Last Updated Jun 27, 2020
Contributor John Luis Solomon
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This Civil Service Practice Test Contains questions that will measure your skills in vocabulary, grammar and correct usage. Also, there are questions for reading comprehension, general information, abstract and logical-mathematical reasoning, and a few constitution questions.

Please bare in your mind that you can take this exam as many as you want. After all, you can see your grade with explanation of incorrect answer..

For those who are wondering regarding the coverage of the exam, it's actually like a typical university entrance exam.  However, the only difference of civil service exam is the appearance of questions about government ethics, duties and responsibilities.

While it may be true that this Civil Service Practice Test might help you, the best way that you can do is to understand questions structure and types. There is a big difference if you know a strategy in finding the right answer by just understanding type and structure of questions.

Anyway, you can visit Civil Service Commission official website regarding application concerns. I suggest that you fix first your application. Then make sure you all have the necessary documents with you. It's better to review if you know that you already applied for the exam.

You can find more here.

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Jul 8, 2020 9:55 PM

Salamat po dito 🙂