El Filibusterismo Script

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Last Updated Jun 27, 2020
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This is a sample El Filibusterismo Script. I used this before in our play. Perhaps, you are a high school student who has a Filipino subject, then you can save this.

Most of the time, after discussing this famous literature, our teacher usually ask us to perform or present a play. The common problem that arises is the need for a scriptwriter. This the reason why I uploaded this file here.

El Filibusterismo Script is just a simple dialogue that you can use as your guide in constructing a better script for you play.

Jose Rizal wrote El Filibusterismo. The novel centers on the Noli-El fili duology's main character Crisóstomo Ibarra, now returning for vengeance as "Simoun".   You will find this really entartain if you fully understand Noli Me Tangere.

I suggest that you read this script first and let your members do the same. It is very important that you know if this script is worthy so that you can better analyze the others important factors that you consider in your play. You think also the props, costumes, make-ups and the backdrop.

Anyway, I hope this file will help you and will give ease to the preparation of your performance. You can find more helpful files here.

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