Linguist on Language by Steve Kaufman

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Last Updated Jul 2, 2020
Contributor Marie Cruz
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This academic reference titled as Linguist on Language by Steve Kaufman is a very useful textbook to all English majors (or language enthusiasts). I was able to obtain this copy for FREE. The author is generous enough to let us keep this copy for future use.

On the 2nd page, he added the note below:

" Please feel free to use this book anyway you want but make no changes please. You can share it, post it,
print it, or copy it. Please visit my blog at and subscribe to the RSS feed to be kept up to date.

If you want to learn a language, Please visit and start LingQing and learning."

What I love about this Linguist on Language by Steve Kaufman is that he started off with the right attitude in learning a language. I believe this is very important to all English majors as we should not just treat language as a plain subject. Language learning is indeed a journey.

I can't wait to write one of my reviews or learning someday.

Let's spread and share the good news!

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