LTO Exam Reviewer 2020

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Last Updated Jul 31, 2021
Contributor Kenneth Reyes
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This LTO exam reviewer 2020 with answers and questions in English and Filipino is public document available online. This measures your understanding regarding general parking knowledge and parking driver emergencies.  Also, there are items for handling and driving standards, road signs and lane markings.

It is most noteworthy to remember that you need to get at least 30 out of 40 items to pass the Non-Professional Driver's License Examination.

After taking the written test, students will proceed in the field to take the practical exam.

This LTO Reviewer is contains questions that might or might not appear in the real exam. For that reason, we recommend that you visit Land Transportation Offices.  Ask a copy of their review material before taking the exam.

In my experience, I actually reviewed the material one 1-2 hours before taking the exam at the Main LTO office Branch in Quezon City. There is a room there that you can stay and have a copy of review material. You need to decide weather you will review the English or the Filipino LTO reviewer.  At the examination, the facilitator will be asking you to choose in either English or Filipino exam. If you are not confident in English, please prefer the Filipino version. There a lot tricky question structures there.

You find more helpful files here.


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Malaking tulong to

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Sana naman makapasa. Need na need