Noun Examples | Conventions and Structure of Nouns

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Last Updated Jun 25, 2020
Contributor Jason Borleo
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Here are the different noun examples or types of noun. You can check this and practice at the same time.

When we were in our grade school days, we don't actually appreciate the idea of understanding the 8 parts of speech.  We didn't see the value of it. However, as time gone by, little by little, we started to see the connection of it in learning English language. Perhaps, the reason why we did see the importance of learning the 8 parts of speech is because of memorization.

Anyway, the very first part of speech that we always remember and begin is noun. We were taught about its definition, usage, types, and its pluralization.

I can still remember of giving noun examples on the board every time that we study it before.

For those who need this. you save this and serve as your reviewer.Thanks

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