PhilHealth ER3 | Employee Data Amendment Form

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Last Updated Jul 1, 2020
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This is a copy of PhilHealth ER3 or Employee Data Amendment Form. This is not for sale and everyone can download this according to their needs. You can also download this form in PhilHealth official website.

First of all, this PhilHealth ER3 or Employee Data Amendment Form is very important in processing all PhilHealth related transactions. Please take note that all the details you put in this form should be accurate and true. All false information that you unintentionally put here may affect you in the future.

By the way, if you cannot download or save this on your device,  you can visit the nearest PhilHealth Satellite branches near you.

Anyway, PhilHealth is a government institution that provides medical support to its members.  Usually,  the institution pays the covered medical expenses to an accredited PhilHealth hospital or Clinic where their members take its medication, treatment or check-up.

PhilHealth assumed the responsibility of administering the former Medicare program for government and private sector employees from the Government Service Insurance System in October 1997, from the Social Security System in April 1998, and from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration in March 2005.

In fact, only active members before can avail PhilHealth support. However, there was a notion in the congress granting all the Filipinos Citizen to be a PhilHealth Member without any application  needed.

I will upload more files soon. I hope I somehow help you. Meanwhile, feel free to share this to your friends.  You can find more helpful files here.

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