PLDT Transfer of line letter

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Last Updated Jun 27, 2020
Contributor Paul Gray
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I found a sample PLDT transfer of line letter in Scribd. I modified it and tried to arrange the order of parts properly.

Anyway, you probably need this document because you are transferring to a new office or home address. If that is the case, you are lucky. You can use this file and modify it depending on your needs.

Remember, replace the following parts with your information.

1. The heading part (your address, the first part on top.)

2. The dateline (when you write the letter)

3. Inside address (make sure that you have the exact address of pldt near in your place, if you know the person, or department that will attend to the transfer of line, better include it.)

4. Body- the content of the letter (change and modify this according to your situation and details) Just remember, the first paragraph should state your purpose of writing. The second paragraph the details of your lines and your new address. Last paragraph, further concerns, your contact number and say thank you.

5. Your name then sign it.

Good luck everyone.

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