PMA Entrance Exam Reviewer | PMA EE Practice Test

PMA Entrance Exam Reviewer | PMA EE Practice Test

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Are you dreaming to be a soldier someday? Try this PMA Entrance Exam Reviewer to assess your knowledge. This file is for free and you can take this exam as many as you want. It does not guarantee that you will pass you real exam but at least this will help you know how far you need to go in your review.

By the way, the coverage of PMA entrance Exam is not that far from a typical college entrance exam that you usually take before entering a university. This includes questions in in general mathematics such as geometry and algebra. Then there are also question when it comes to basic grammar rules and correct usage of language (English and Filipino)

Similarly, there are questions in abstract and logical/verbal reasoning which I think has a lot of items in the exam.

While it may be true that this PMA Entrance Exam reviewer might help you, the best way that you can do is understanding questions structure and types. There is a big difference if you know a strategy in finding the right answer by just understanding type and structure of questions.

Anyway, that's all. Good luck test takers.  You can find more here.