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Last Updated Jun 25, 2020
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This is a Sample Reviewer in English Proficiency Test.  This is not perfect but you can use this as a reference. Please remember that this is a public document available online.

First of all, this Reviewer in English Proficiency Test makes it easy for you to understand everything. This has different parts that will help you in improving your vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills. This Reviewer  has questions and corresponding choices which will practice you like taking a real exam.

Moreover, this reviewer has a reading comprehension part. This is also common among all language exams. I suggest that when using this reviewer, restrain yourself from using any kind of dictionary or grammar book. Treat this a practice that will enhance your time management as well as your strategic skill in dealing with hard and easy questions.

Anyway, at the end part of this reviewer, you can see the answer key. You can check the exam by your own. You can also go back to questions that you find hard. I hope that you will find this beneficial. Please share this to your friends and classmates. Let's help them also.

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