SSS Affidavit for Death Claim Benefit

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Last Updated Jul 1, 2020
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This is a copy of SSS Affidavit for Death Claim Benefit. I uploaded it here to help those employees who are also an SSS member.

By the way, this SSS Affidavit for Death Claim Benefit is not for sale or not mine. I just have a copy of this and I am sharing it here. You can also download this at SSS official website.

To begin with, SSS stands for Social Security System. It is a government institution that provides social security or pension, insurance, financial support to its member.

Thus, all Filipinos workers  who are employed in a private company are mandated to be an SSS member.

To enumerate, SSS does not only provide financial support in case of retirement or any unaccepted circumstances to its member. They also ask its member to join some investment options that they offer.

Anyway, I know you need this form because you have an official SSS transaction. Please make sure to fill this out corrently. You can ask advice to someone who is working directly at SSS.

If you have any experiences directly related in using this for. Feel free to share it below in the comment section. Thank you so much.

You can find more files here.

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