Barriers of communication

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    Vincent GuttierezVincent Guttierez

    There are different barriers in communication. If you are going to search for it,there are tons specific communication barriers. However, today, I am going to share the five general communication barriers. You may find those specific under these.

    1. Natural Barriers- these are the distractions or noise in the environment whenever you are having a communication to someone. As for example, when you are talking to a friend and suddenly there is a loud music outside, then that might possibly destroys the proper transfer of ideas. You might get distracted or the might fail to here you voice of someone you are talking to.

    2. Psychological Barrier- this has something to do with mind. It is very important to stay focus when you are talking to someone. How can you focus if you are preoccupied with different thoughts? How can you focus if you are judging the person you are talking?

    3. Physiological Barrier- this has something to do with your physical ability to communicate. I do believe that this is very obvious. It’s hard to communicate if you have speaking or hearing problem. You know that.

    4. Language Barrier- your competency or knowledge to the language that you are using in a conversation. Right now, you can read this because you know how to use English Language. What if I use Mandarin here? Would you still be able to understand me?

    5. Cultural Barrier-sometimes that way we give meaning to actions, signs, and commonly used terms is different from the way other people perceive it. Our culture or way of living affects communication.

    These are the five General Barriers of communication.

    Hope this can somehow help you. Thanks for reading.

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