Compounding is the key to greatness


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    Gian VelascoGian Velasco

    I realized that whatever you are doing right now, if it’s pointing to one specific goal, then you will likely to achieve a great result.

    Compounding is the idea that we only hear when it comes to business. They say that the more businesses you have, the higher the chances of getting a stable source of income. That may be true most of the time and we can actually apply that idea in other aspects of our life.

    As for example, if you want to have a fit body, you don’t just go to gym. We can also do some workouts in the morning and do some extra physical activities during weekends or holiday. Along with this, we can also follow a good plan of diet.  We don’t just one thing to become fit, we try to do a lot of things that can contribute to this aim.

    Another example is making our mind sharp. We don’t just read one book a month. We try to read as much as possible. We also try to attend some afternoon classes or even watch some video tutorials. We don’t just do one thing, we can say that these actions towards our single objective can contribute a lot to achieving a better result.

    Truly, everything that we do now and every decisions that we make can affect our future. We are responsible to the end result of our life. Keep in mind that our compounded actions towards the end should be planned accordingly.

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