BS Education (Major in English) Students vs. AB English Students


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    April VismonteApril Vismonte

    Have you been thinking the difference between BS Education (Major in English) and AB english Course? Both courses study the English Language, right? But how are the students in these fields think differently from each other when it comes to English Language?

    BS Education (Major in English) students mainly focus in learning the technical aspect of the language and how it should be taught. Most of the time, they are asked to deliver a report presentation regarding the rules of English Language.

    With the help of their professor, they learn the English Language, but at the same time they were trained to teach it.

    On the other hand, AB English students learn language not merely on just understanding the lexical structure of it but by deeply appreciating and playing with words meaning. They are like artists that use language to express their emotion. They travel and see how the languages were use in different era or situations.

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