How to deal with face-to-face classes anxiety

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    Rayban AnnaRayban Anna

    So, it’s happening? Face-to-face classes in the Philippines have started this academic year. Although it’s a bit unbelievable, it’s exciting to know that these classes are now part of the reality!

    I must admit though that seeing your classmates and teachers for the first time might be a bit awkward. Some people get anxious to the point of being discouraged in not attending the class.

    When you’re in this situation, what should you do?

    Here’s a little piece of advice: face your fear! Yup! You will not study or work from home forever. It might be an option but now that companies require workers to report to office, you’re most likely to do the same in the future.

    If you think that dealing with other people causes great anxiety, how would you be able to deliver bigger tasks in life soon?

    Face your fear. Show up in class not just for attendance, but as part of your social responsibility.

    Once you’re consistently attending the class and understanding why you should do it, it’s easy to accomplish other things.

    1. Smile at other people.

    2. Participate in group activities and volunteer for bigger tasks.

    3. Fix your mindset that most of the people around you are minding their own business.

    4. Join the fun outside the classroom! Go out!

    Meet more folks and feel comfortable. You will only experience being in that class once.

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