How to get genuine freedom

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    Gian VelascoGian Velasco

    Freedom is a privilege that we all want to get.  Freedom may be different from person to person. The way we define it is based from what we are currently experiencing.  However, the freedom that we all aspire is financial freedom and the ability to do whatever we want.

    1. Financial Freedom

    Money is the source of evil if you plan and think to use it in evil. Money is part of making your life better. Money was created because God allowed it.

    We all want to be financially secured. If we have savings or stable source income, it can lessen our worries. Let’s admit it. Most of the problems in our life have something to do with money. Perhaps, not directly stated but it has something to do with it.

    You can be happy and make other people feel happy as well if you have enough funds. You can buy and eat whatever you want. You won’t feel low and other people won’t think that you are not worthless. In today’s modern world, people will either hate you or love you because of money.

    You can also feel an extreme amount of confidence if you have money. Your family will respect and most especially will partner will love you even more.

    2. The ability to do whatever we want

    You may say here that if you have money, you can already do whatever you want. Yes, you are correct. But, what I mean here is to do whatever you want regardless of your culture, age, beliefs of your family. etc.

    Sometimes, even you have money already, you are bound to follow a particular culture or beliefs.  This is a matter of choice now and making a decision. If you think that you already have a money, it’s your time now to decide if you want to go away or stop believing to what you are used to.

    As for instance, many are still tied up with their family culture. This stops them from doing what they really want.  I am not saying to hate your family here. All want you to know is this. Sometimes, it is worth trying to live alone and make a decision for yourself just to feel a genuine freedom.

    If you make a decision but you still consider other people because you think that they may get angry to you. You also think that you will offend them if you do this or not. Then, you are not yet free. Remember this, as long as you are following the laws of your country, the words of God, and you are not stepping down other people. Then, do what you want!

    Genuine freedom is all we aspire. Let’s not feel bad if we don’t have it now. Have a little more courage and I am sure it will come to you at the right time.

    Lisa DanaLisa Dana

    I don’t know why most don’t like the idea of financial freedom. There’s something about financial freedom that one can benefit from.

    Marie CruzMarie Cruz

    This is so true!!

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