How to lead a small group

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    April VismonteApril Vismonte

    Being a leader for a small group is more challenging than it seems. Unlike working with a big group, small group tends to lack in resources and manpower.

    When you need someone who is good at making videos, you can’t just expect any member from your small group to be good at it.

    There’s a big chance that no one from the team knows how to do it. So, when you are faced with a task to lead a small group, what should you do?

    1. Creating a checklist of task. The first step is to know what tasks must be done. If you’re working on a paper, what parts must be completed? What other resources are needed? It’s important to have an overview of what should be done.

    2. Assessment of members. Now that you have a clear overview of the tasks, the next thing to do is to assess the members. This includes the strengths and weaknesses. Everyone must be honest when doing it. Only then you can delegate the tasks among your group.

    3. Coordination. Having someone who will manage the coordination or communication among the members is indeed essential. Create a communication channel among your members to know and understand what exactly is happening.

    4. Setting of timeline. Great! Everything is set up except for the timeline. Make sure to have a schedule or timeline for every task. Prioritize and accomplish tasks within a certain timeframe.

    5. Outsourcing. When some tasks are impossible to be done, don’t be afraid to outsource talent. Ask help, get feedback, and schedule a consultation.

    That’s it! Lead a small group by proper coordination and schedule.

    Good luck to all groups working on thesis, school projects, freelance projects, and others!

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