How to stop being a toxic person

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    Rayban AnnaRayban Anna

    In today’s world of social media, it is really normal to get really stressed whenever you open your social media account and start browsing your feed.  You can usually read different posts about politics, differences in ideologist, and negative comments or insights about someone’s success or accomplishment.

    We, as human, has a very natural nature of expressing our emotions. However, we failed to realized that emotions can be transferred to anyone, may it be happiness or sadness.

    The social media now is the primary medium of communication and it is really sad to say that the social media is also the source of stressed and negativity to almost everybody who are using it.

    Social media is only a platform. We shouldn’t blame it. We are responsible in building a positive community while we use it.   There are plenty of ways on how to stop being a toxic person not just in social media but also to your group of friends.

    1.  Avoid getting involved in politics

    Politics is a hot topic among everybody. You can’t tell who is right or wrong in politics. Better stop commenting on anything that involves political figures or any political concerns. Better let the experts do their business.  You don’t need to join the crowd who keeps on barking at each other.  Think  like a successful person. Think like Bill gates, Warren Buffer, and other rich people that you know. Are they noisy in their social media account regarding politics? I guess not. They are smart. Be smart as well.

    2. Accept that ideas vary from person to person

    This is a general concept.  Aside from political stuff, always put in your mind the ideas varies. One may be good to you but others may find it different.  You should always open your mind with different perspective and life experiences. This is the same with the definition of happiness. We have different happiness in life same as ideas and interpretation. Happiness is affected by our experiences. It same with idea. Do not insist to some that you have a good point because they also have their own good point. No one is correct no one is right unless stated by the Bible and the Law of your countries.

    3.  Your life matters same as others.

    Do not think that everything revolves around you. Your life is important same as others. We have our different dreams. Let’s just support each other and stop judging what others want and what they post.

    We are all humans. We are all equal. We define what we want and who we are. At the end of the day, we are responsible in making this world peaceful and positively connected from each other.

    Maria CaraMaria Cara

    I will say it one more time. The subject politics is not the reason of arguments. It’s the way people DISRESPECT and DISS each other’s beliefs. Whenever someone expresses their ideas on a controversial issue, we should listen before attacking the person. We forget to listen just because we want to attack them. I hate this!

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