Is “Fake it till you make it” a good or bad idea?


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    Vincent GuttierezVincent Guttierez

    Faking is illegal when it comes to tangible brands or products. However, the idea of “fake it till you make it” is not illegal and just fine if you want to attract possitive results.

    We have this saying that “Whatever you mind conceived, it will be achieved.”  You need to act and think as if you already achieved your end goal. If you want to get rich, then act and decide like rich. Do what they usually do.  “Fake it till you make it. ”

    You may say that is a kind of prententious act, but honestly, that’s how it works. Even big businesses and social media giants did it before.

    They portrayed themselves as big and importance entities. They created fake users, fake buyers, fake reviews until they make it.

    As long as you are not harming anyone, you are not causing violence or you are not doing any illegal actions, then that is fine.

    “Fake it till you make it”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)