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    Gian VelascoGian Velasco

    I want to share my experience here as a new car owner. I want to guide those who have purchsed their dream car. There essentials tools that you need to buy as soon as possible so that you’ll avoid bad incidences that I encounter.

    I will list down 3 important things below.

    1. Booster Cable or Car Series Cable.

    You will never regret buying this. There are times that your car won’t start and your battery is drained or not working.  This cable will help you jump starting your car. You may not want to stock in the middle of the road or mall parking. This will save you.

    2.  Addtional Car Socket Tool

    Brandnew cars have basic tools when you puchased it. However, it’s not complete. It’s a must that whenever you are, you have the socket tools to help you.

    3. Empty Gas Gallon or Container

    You may find this uneccessary because you think that gas stations are everywhere. Well, you will definitely encounter a situation that you will run out of gas. It’s better to be ready than not.

    Those are the three things/tools that you must have as a new car owner.

    Did I miss something important? Feel free to comment it below.

    Thanks for reading.

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