Nature and process of communication

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    Vincent GuttierezVincent Guttierez

    Most of the time our teachers ask us to search the nature and process of communication. Today, I am going to explain this to you based on my study.

    When we say nature of communication. It pertains to the characteristics of communication. Usually most of the of the definitions of communication come from its nature.

    The common nature of communication is, it is a process, evolving, two-way or one-way. You can think of a lot of terms that can describe communication. Those natures are the bases in formulating a good definition of communication.

    “Communication is the process of transferring information,thoughts, feelings or emotion from one place to another.”

    As you can see in the definition above, the words- process, transfer, and not static (from one place to another) are some of the keywords in the definition that describes communication. Those words can be the nature of communication which make up its definition.

    When it comes to the process of communication, it is very simple.

    Let’s consider a two-way communication. There is a sender that encodes an idea and sends it to receiver that decodes it. Then the receiver becomes the sender whenever their is a feedback. The process will continue and repeat.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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