PLDT Home Transfer of Location Request: Failed

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    Zita CorpuzZita Corpuz

    When we apply for a PLDT broadband, contract is locked for 36 months. It’s part of the terms and conditions.

    In 2019, I had to request a transfer of location for my PLDT Home. That time, I was only in the 13th month of the contract. I anticipated that it would take me 1-2 months to do it so I processed it immediately.

    In June, I went to PLDT SM North to check if the new location or address has the same Fibr plan. The customer service agents confirmed that it’s POSSIBLE to transfer the internet.

    Despite their ASSURANCE that it’s POSSIBLE, my mission failed.

    I waited for 3 months before the agents said that there’s no available slot in the area. I was so frustrated for the following reasons:

    1. I felt that the agents lied to me for saying that it’s possible. I could have terminated it immediately and applied for another internet connection.

    2. My bills piled up so I had to pay around 14,000 to get it terminated! You need to pay 3 months as a pre-termination fee plus the other charges. Of course, they didn’t waive it cause it was “MY” mistake according to them.

    3. I was constantly being called by different people. These are not TECHNICIANS concerned with my request. Rather, they’re from the COLLECTIONS department concerned with my bills.

    Haaay. It was frustrating.

    So if you’re planning to do the same, I suggest that you cancel the plan instead.

    Wait for another month or so and apply for a new internet connection. If you want it to be with PLDT, it’s up to you.

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